ForBioEnergy second Training for transferring of past and current know how was held in Gospić under title: ''Forest biomass can be used for the growth of local community''


Months duration

M€ project budget

Project partners


Our focus

The Focus of the project is to achieve a sustainable development of the rural areas using the forest biomass of the protected areas as driving force.

ForBioEnergy analyzes the main criticalities that characterize the current Mediterranean involved regions in order to identify common solutions to increase the energy use of biomass in a transnationality context. 



ForBioEnergy will implement innovative tools and operating procedures to overcome the existing gaps in the bioenergy sector in regions and countries with high potential through:
•defining a new regulatory framework and permit route
•removing technical and administrative barriers that hinder the energy use of biomass
•selecting best common practices of energy oriented management of Mediterranean forests
•planning tools for the design of forest-wood-energy supply chains
•identifying innovative common management and governance  standards by involving of public and private stakeholders in the planning and management of forest-wood-energy supply chain