2017 Bioeconomy Investment Summit

Place: Helsinki, Finland
The 2017 Bioeconomy Investment Summit was held in Helsinki on 14 December, 2017 gathering together over 400 policymakers, investors, scientists, journalists and industry from 40 countries. In the framework of ForBioEnergy project the Zadar County representatives participated the biggest bioeconomy summit in Europe.
Over 30 speakers from across the globe shared their views on how we can bring together the economy and the environment. The summit aimed to place sustainability at the heart of the investment agenda, asking what was needed to transform the bioeconomy from niche to norm.
The importance of the policy and investment environment, opportunities and challenges which the bioeconomy for smart, sustainable and inclusive business, Investment to allow upscaling and to drive technologies forward, an ambitious policy framework and awareness-building were some of the main themes.
The event also featured a walking exhibition of innovative, bio-based products from more than a dozen companies, bringing the bioeconomy into everyday life.