3rd ForBioEnergy training and Forest feast Žetale

The 3rd ForBioEnergy training was held in Žetale in the frame of every year forestry event – Forest feast Žetale.

Practical part was an exhibition and presentation of forest technology and competition in tree felling. Theoretical part was organized as ForBioEnergy training, which was dedicated to present key barriers we are facing in Slovenia regarding to forestry and wood fuels and possible solutions for improvement of the situation. A draft of an Action plan for a new regulatory framework and permit route in the protected areas was also presented as one of the solutions. Marjan Dolenšek (Slovenian Forestry Institute) and Dunja Mahne (RDA Green Karst) presented the ForBioEnergy project and mentioned topics.

44 participants took part in the 3rd training. Participants were mostly forest owners, members of society/work group Žetalanec, foresters, agricultural publishing house Kmetovalec and sellers and manufacturers of forestry technology and equipment.

Partners involved: PP3 and PP4