Technical Panel - 2st Thematic Workshop “Piano di Azione per la rimozione delle barriere amministrative, tecniche, socio–economiche che ostacolano l’estrazione e l’uso della biomassa nelle aree protette”

On 17 May,  in Petralia Sottana, at Palazzo Pucci Martinez, in the offices of the Ente Parco delle Madonie, there was the second workshop of the ForBioEnergy project. Title "Action Plan for the removal of administrative, technical and socio-economic barriers that hinder the extraction and use of biomass in protected areas". Forty people attended the technical table (representatives of local authorities, institutions, trade associations, professionals and entrepreneurs). The meeting was a step forward in defining the strategic objectives of the project. Massimo Pizzuto Antinoro, representing the L.P., started the workshop. Valter Francescato, technical director of Aiel (Italian Association of Agroforestry Energies), associate partner of ForBioEnergy, which represents 500 companies active in the field of energy production from wood held a presentation. President of the Parco delle Madonie Salvatore Caltagirone, the mayor of Petralia Sottana, Leonardo Neglia participated as well. After the presentations an interesting debate about  problems of barriers that hinder the development of forest biomass as RES and how to overcome them was carried out.

Partners involved/participants:
LP – Sicily Region - Councillorship for Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fishing - Regional Department for the Rural and Territorial Development
PP1 – Municipality of Petralia Sottana
PP2 – EnviLand Ltd
AP9 – Madonie Regional Natural Park

Place: Petralia Sottana, Italy