A third Training for transferring past and current know how was held within the ForBioEnergy project in Zadar

In the framework of the ForBioEnergy project on November 22, 2018 Zadar County and Nature Park Velebit held the third Training for transferring past and current know how. Training took place in the premises of Croatian Chamber of Commerce-Zadar County Chamber.


The main objective of this training was to present the Action Plan for a new regulatory framework for the use of forest biomass in protected areas as well as its preparation, implementation and dissemination. This document was created by the County of Zadar for its selected pilot areas (NP Velebit, NP Vransko Lake and NP Telascica) and Nature Park Velebit for its pilot area located in the Lika-Senj County.


It is emphasized that there are three main obstacles for the use of forest biomass in protected area. The first obstacle is the depopulation of rural areas and the lack of work force, which could be solved by approving larger quotas for foreign workers, more information regarding financing measures in Forestry sector and active assistance in drafting documentation for EU tenders.

Increasing investment in forestry mechanization, forest quality and forest openness through the Rural Development Fund and by establishing smaller biomass centres could solve the other detected obstacles, which is the lack of wood mass. Also an important obstacle such as outdated cadastre is identified, along with small particles and properties, which could be solved by aligning cadastre and land registry with new survey data and by raising awareness about the necessity for cadastre updating and for introducing additional incentives for land maintenance.