5th Meeting of ForBioEnergy Project in Portorož (28th - 29th November 2018)

On Wednesday, November 28. 2018, project partners from Slovenia (Slovenian Forestry Institute, RRA Green Karst), Croatia (Municipality of Zadar, Velebit Park), Italy (Sicily Region, Petralia Sottana, EnviLand Ltd) and Spain (Valenicia Official Chamber of Commerce, The Forestry Municipalities Association of the Valencian Community) met at the 5th ForBioEnergy Project meeting in Portorož, Slovenia. 

On the first day of the meeting, the overall state of the project had been checked and all partners agreed on important deadlines for project results and deliverables.

On the second day of the meeting, we visited two Slovenian pilot areas: Pivka Intermittent Lakes Park and the Škocjan Caves Regional Park. These areas are protected by Natura 2000 and require a special regime for forest management. Additionally, these areas present an opportunity for wood biomass production. 

After the field trip to pilot areas, we discussed the possibilities of managing and encouraging the extraction and use of wood for energy purposes. One of the main objectives of the Slovenian pilot areas is to heat public buildings in the protected area from locally obtained wood fuels (e.g. wood chips from overgrowing areas). After the field trip, a Steering Committee Meeting took place in Pivka, where we discussed and agreed on the next steps of and determined final deadlines for processing the results and deliverables of the project.