Why & How


•To foster bioenergy production  in the protected areas providing transnational solutions for reducing barriers that hinder the development of the sector


•To plan models in order to exploit the full potential of biomass and at the same time to preserve the biodiversity of the natural areas


In the protected areas of the Mediterranean region, there is often a lack of coherence between the strategies and objectives of the European policy and concrete actions conducted at regional and local level. In this regard: ForBioEnergy analyses the main criticalities that characterize the currently included Mediterranean regions in order to identify common solutions to increase the energy use of biomass in a transnational context.


  • Planning processes absent or mainly oriented to passive conservation of forest ecosystems that impede the energy use of biomass
  • Inadequacy of the actual regulatory framework and permit route in the current management system of protected area
  • Absence of innovative projects and insufficient involvement of key local actors in the bioenergy sector
  • Absence of participatory processes at local level on the potential provided by bioenergy sector that favors situations of conflict between local actors that impede the realization of innovative projects


  • Promote planning processes aimed at sustainable production  of biomass in the context of the multifunctional management of the Mediterranean forests
  • Draw up an Action plan for a new regulatory framework and permit route promoting the energy use of biomass
  • Activate efficient policies to encourage the establishment of strategic and innovative projects
  • Promote efficient policies to strengthen local participatory process among the main stakeholders interested in the energy use of forest biomass